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How long will Warm Me Ups products last?

Well, that depends.  Microwaves differ regarding power output.  Some have or develop “hot spots” which can weaken the gel filled inserts.  Overheating the product will definitely shorten its service life.  Used according to directions, your Warm Me Ups should have a long service life.  Although we can’t make this claim across the board; the first pair of Warm Me Ups is now almost 7 years old and is used daily.

If Warm Me Up products develop a leak can you tell me if I have overheated them or if my microwave has a hot spot?

Yes.  We have equipment that can determine weather your Warm Me Ups have been overheated or subjected to a microwave “hot spot”.  Simply return them to us for analysis.

Why are your microwavable foot warmers open in the back?

Our foot warmers are designed to be open at the back in order to allow your feet to breath and to reduce the amount of perspiration often associated with other products.  In addition the open back is a reminder not to attempt to use your foot warmers as slippers.  They were designed to warm your feet only and DO NOT have non skid bottoms.  Just sit back and enjoy them.

How long will Warm Me Ups stay warm?

Used according to directions, your Warm Me Ups will stay above body temperature for several hours.

Why are there no thumbs in your hand warmer mitts?

Warm Me Ups hand warmer mitts are designed to deliver hours of therapeutic heat to your hands,  fingers and wrists.  They are not designed to be used while driving, operating machinery, holding liquids or for work or sports related activities.

Are Warm Me Ups available in retail stores?

No.  Warm Me Ups are only available through our web site and through a few select rehabilitation centers.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We will normally ship your order within 5 business days of receipt.  We ship USPS Priority Mail which should reach you within 2-3 business days.

How much are the shipping/handling charges?

Shipping and handling is FREE within the US.  Overseas shipping charges will be quoted upon request.

What is your warranty?

Warm Me Up products carry a 90 day warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Simply return the product to us (postage paid) and we will analyze the failure.  If it is found to be a defect in material or workmanship we will replace it at no charge.  Warm Me Ups will not be responsible for misuse or abuse of the product nor will we be held responsible for microwave oven “hot spots.”

How should Warm Me Ups be heated?

Heat Warm Me Ups (i.e. one pair of hand warmers, one pair of foot warmers, one neck warmer, or one joint warmer) in the microwave for 2 minutes.   Massage each product in order to thoroughly redistribute the contents of the gel pads.  Carefully test for safe temperature.  Repeat heating procedure in shorter time intervals (30 seconds) until the desired temperature is reached.  Watch while heating and turn microwave off if Warm Me Ups start to expand.  Please carefully read the instructions attached to each Warm Me Up product.

Can I wear my Warm Me Up hand warmers while driving?

NO!!!!  Your Warm Me Up hand warmers are not designed for driving, operating machinery, or holding liquids.

How do I clean my Warm Me Ups?

Your Warm Me Ups should be spot cleaned only with a mild detergent and allowed to air dry.  NEVER attempt to clean your Warm Me Ups by placing them in a washing machine or in a clothes dryer.

How can I be sure that my credit card information is secure?

Warm Me Ups uses the most current 128 bit encryption technology to ensure the security of your personal information.  Warm Me Ups never has access to your credit card number as AuthorizeNet, our merchant provider, is fully PCI compliant and manages this data directly.

Will I ever receive products from Warm Me Ups that have been used and returned?

NO!!!  Warm Me Ups has the lowest return rate in our industry.  ALL products returned to us, for any reason, are destructively analyzed and destroyed.

What is your return policy?

Please see “additional support” in our HELP section.

Do you make special order items?

Yes.  Please call or e-mail for a quote.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes.  Please contact us for a quote. Warm Me Ups, 1017 Diplomat Drive - #105H, Debary, Florida 32713, 407-420-7333