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It is estimated that more than thirty (30) million Americans suffer from temporary or chronic lower back pain. Your team at Warm Me Ups has developed a back warmer that can be worn for hours when heat or cold therapy can help reduce the pain. Your back warmer is approximately 18 X 10 and is designed to be worn around the waist with the attached Velcro belt. Each Warm Me Up back warmer contains three gel filled heat sealed bags which when heated in a microwave oven will retain heat for several hours. The Warm Me Ups back warmer is designed to be worn over clothing at work, home, or at play. Each Warm Me Ups back warmer will fit individuals with up to a 58 waist. The back warmer belt can be cut to fit those with smaller waists. Back warmers larger than size 58 can made on request.

Warm Me Ups back warmers are microwavable and covered with a layer of polyester faux fur and a layer of brushed cotton flannel. Once warmed the gel packs inside your back warmer will warm providing soothing warmth to back muscles. Your back warmer will provide warmth from the inside out for hours.

Imagine being able to wear a reusable back warmer for hours. Once warmed to the desired temperature your Warm Me Ups back warmer will provide comfort to your tense achy back providing relief from the inside out.

While these remarkable back warmers are great they can also be used to provide cold therapy when desired. Simply place your Warm Me Ups back warmer in the refrigerator for several hours and you will be amazed at the long lasting cooling relief that your back warmer will provide.

The fabric of your back warmer may vary slightly from the photographs.

All Warm Me Ups back warmers are made in the USA.