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"We purchased a pair of your mitts and a neck warmer for my father who has severe RA. They are WONDERFUL! Your product is all its advertised to be. They relieve his pain for hours. God Bless you all."
-Betty, Washington, DC

"Thanks for the quick turnaround. These things are great. You should sell the hand warmers as bed warmers too. We use them every night."
-Bill, Spokane, Washington

"I have Reynaud's Disease and I don't know what I would do without your products. They have improved the quality of my life more than I can express. Love your neck warmers. Please never go out of business. I need you."
-Donna, Philadelphia, PA

"I have had trouble falling asleep at night for years. My brother sent me a pair of your mitts and said to snuggle up with them each night. They put me right to sleep WITHOUT PILLS. Thanks for such a wonderful product. When under my covers they stay warm for 4-5 hours. WOW"
-Nicole, Columbia, SC

"I work in the medical profession and we keep our areas cold in order to keep down infection rates. I purchased a pair of your hand warmers and they really work well. The only problem is that people keep borrowing them. Keep up the good work."
-May, RN, Miami FL

"I normally wouldn't be writing, but I felt like this was something you'd want to hear. My mother, one of your customers, recently had a surgical procedure which required general anesthesia. We were with her in her recovery as she was beginning to wake up. A nurse asked her if she wanted a heated blanket and while still half asleep she said, "no I want my Warm Me Ups". We have just placed an order for 4 complete sets of Warm Me Ups for both sets of parents. Your product made some impression."
-Robert, Richmond, VA

"My feet are now warm and toasty thanks to your products. I use them every night."
-Gail, Fargo, ND

"I liked your products. I have had hand and foot warmers for several years. I recently purchased a non-electric heating pad and Rocket, my dog, loves it. He pulls it off the bed and brings it to me to heat."
-Alan, NY, NY

“I have suffered from Reynaud’s Syndrome for years and recently purchased a pair of your hand warmers at the suggestion of a friend.   THANK YOU  THANK YOU  THANK YOU !!!!  They give me such relief.”
- Louise, Miami, Fl.

“I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been soaking my hands in hot water every morning.  Now I slip them into Warm Me Ups hand warmers for a few minutes each time they begin to ache or get stiff.  My hands are no longer raw.  Great product”
- Mary, Richmond, VA

“Your products are great.  They stay warm for several hours and really give me relief from my Fibromyalgia.  I use the neck warmer and back warmer several times each day.”
- Alan, NY, NY

“I’m an avid golfer and use your back warmer before and during each round.  Have had no lower back muscle strain since I started using it.  You should contact our pro shop 000-000-0000.”
-George, Columbia, S.C.

“I suffer from Osteoarthritis acquired from years of physical activity and use your products every day.  Your body warmers really help my knees and elbows.  I also use them as bed warmers.  They really help me sleep through the night.”
-Ruth, Bethany, W. VA.

“I use your back warmer for my Sciatica and for muscle pain in my lower back.  Good product.”
-Philip, San Francisco, CA