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About Warm Me Ups

Warm Me Ups are therapeutic and comfort products designed to either be heated in your microwave or cooled in your refrigerator. Our proprietary gel allows WARM ME UPS products to remain warm or cold for hours delivering heat or cold therapy.


Warm Me Ups utilizes a proprietary gel combined with a unique liquid as our heating agent. The heating agent is heat sealed in specially designed bags and sewn into our faux fur covering. We use a brushed cotton flannel as a liner. This allows us to avoid mildew and mold commonly associated with products containing seeds or grains as well as to allow our products to retain heat or cold for hours.

Microwaves heat moisture. ALL seeds and grains have natural moisture contained within. When heated by microwaves a number of events occur:

1. Moisture is depleted from the seed or grain reducing the products ability to retain heat.

2. Moisture is pulled from inside the seed or grain and leaches into the product covering causing it to feel moist making a prime medium for the growth of mold and/or mildew.

3. In a rather short period of time most moisture has been depleted from the grain or seed leaving little for the microwaves to heat.

4. Vermin are attracted to seeds and grains. They are NOT attracted to our non toxic heating agent.

5. When used as directed Warm ME Ups products will retain heat or cold for several hours and provide years of comfort.

All Warm Me Ups products are made in the USA.


Excellent for use in the treatment of:


Warm Me Ups provides hours of relief to those who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis. It's no longer necessary to soak your hands, feet or joints in hot water to relieve the pain and stiffness. Our microwavable hand warmers, foot warmers, neck warmers, back warmers and body warmers are designed to provide hours of warmth and comfort to areas most commonly affected. (Click for "DO YOU KNOW?" page.)

Reynaud's Disease

Warm Me Ups microwavable hand warmers and foot warmers provide hours of comforting warmth for those who suffer from Reynaud's Disease. Cold hands or feet hurt. Warm Me Ups were initially designed to aid Reynaud's patients and have been in production for over 15 years. (Click for "DO YOU KNOW?" page.)

Lower Back Pain

The design team at Warm Me Ups has created a microwavable back warmer specifically to treat lower back pain associated with muscle strain. The back warmer is designed to be worn over clothing allowing the wearer to go about daily activities all the while increasing blood flow to the stressed muscles in order to promote healing and reduce pain. ALWAYS consult your physician concerning back pain or injury. If heat therapy is indicated Warm Me Ups is here to help.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain which continues following a normal course of traditional medical treatment. It can be caused by either injury or disease and can last for years. Heat therapy has long been used to ease the symptoms of chronic pain. Warm Me Ups microwavable hand warmers, foot warmers, neck warmers, back warmers and body warmers provide soothing warmth which promotes blood flow to aid in healing or reduce pain levels. Warm Me Ups aid in stress relief and in the reduction insomnia. Please see our blog on Chronic Pain.


Warm Me Ups have long been used to ease the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Our proprietary heating agent provides hours of warmth to increase blood flow and ease nerve pain. Place Warm Me Ups microwavable body warmers, hand warmers, or foot warmers under the covers at night to provide warmth that surrounds you with warm relief. (Click for "DO YOU KNOW?" page.)

Prevention of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are often caused because the athlete has failed to properly "warm up" prior to competing. As an example more than 80% of golfers suffer lower back muscle injury or strain during their playing time. Warm Me Ups microwavable back warmer or microwavable neck warmer can be used in conjunction with pre competition warm up exercises to reduce sports injuries.


Warm Me Ups microwavable products serve well to treat muscle and/or menstrual cramping. Our microwavable body warmer works extremely well to reduce cramping.

Sleep Aid

Heat therapy has long been used to reduce stress. Stress robs us of a restful night's sleep. Place a Warm Me Ups microwavable body warmer under the bed covers to "feel the warmth and discover the relief" all night.

Cold Weather

Cold hurts!! Use Warm Me Ups microwavable products both indoors and out to provide hours of comforting warmth. Many of our customers have told us that Warm Me Ups microwavable products have helped them reduce electric and/or fuel oil bills.

Minor Burns

Warm Me Ups can also be cooled in the refrigerator to provide gentle long lasting cool relief for minor burns. Our faux fur covers and brushed cotton flannel linings are soothing to the touch. Because the heating and cooling agent in our products provides heat and/or cold for hours we recommend that our products not be frozen as that is unnecessary.


A cool Warm Me Ups body warmer will aid in reducing inflammation associated with bursitis.

Stiff Neck

Sitting at your desk for long periods can cause muscles to tighten due to reduced blood flow. A warm Me Ups microwavable neck warmer will do wonders to relieve a stiff neck and shoulders.

Migraine Headaches

Warm Me Ups can be both heated in the microwave and cooled in the refrigerator to provide relief from migraine headaches. Heat a Warm Me Ups microwavable neck warmer and wrap it around the neck. Cool a Warm Me Ups neck warmer and place it on the forehead.

Family Pets

A gently heated Warm Me Ups body warmer, neck warmer, hand warmers or foot warmers provide comfort for family pets during cold weather. Our proprietary gel is non toxic.

With Warmest Regards,
Chris Canada Hofmann, R.N.
Warm Me Ups
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